On Almond Milk…


No lunges or pushups or anything of the like occurred last night. I made a bowl of almond milk/almond butter/cinnamon sauce (juice? it was really liquidy..ratios were off)..as inspired by Snackface (http://snackface.wordpress.com/). Into that I chopped up a banana. It was good. Kindof boring. I had never tried almond milk before, but it seems like every blogger out there in blogworld is drinking it in some form, so I when I saw the Vanilla Almond Breeze at TJ’s, I figured I’d give it a try.

My initial opinion: meh.

It didn’t do much for me. First off, it wasn’t cold due to not needing to be refridgerated before opening, and I didn’t plan ahead that I would be opening it. I threw a couple ice cubes in there for a minute or two to cool it off (and then removed them), so maybe that made it a little more watered down that normal. But still…pretty boring. I had a cup of blueberries after that since I wasn’t really feeling dessert number one.

This morning I used the Almond Breeze in my coffee…double meh. Not exactly bad, but not really good.

With my coffee I had this bowl of mush:

Sorry for the blurry picture! My ninja blogging at work skills aren’t very condusive to using the flash. In there we have:
Green Oats
2 scoops 2% cottage cheese (about 1/2 c.)
Tbsp flax seed meal
Tbsp TJ’s Natural Organic PB
Tsp. Cretan honey
3/4 c. frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
The great thing about the frozen berries is if you defrost them overnight, they go into the oatmeal bowl with a thick berry juice/sauce with them. Flavors the whole bowl, instead of just getting the pieces of fruit. Try it!
Andddd back to work…

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