Banana city!

After a few hours in the sunshine I was craving a big sally beast. This had mixed baby greens, spinach, leftover sauteed veggies, leftover wild sockeye salmon (about 3 oz), 2 millett cakes, a few baby carrots, and a drizzle EVOO & red wine vinegar.

I read in the backyard for another hour after that, and then went for an hour long bike ride down the path to the beach. All together it was just under 12 miles. REALLY strong wind on the way down…so quite easy on the way up with the wind at my back.

Came home starving for a snack, so I had a BANANA (!!!) with some TJ’s AB. The excitement about the banana is because of my banana “allergy” I thought I had since I was 16. I used to eat multiple bananas a day, and then during my junior year of high school my throat started getting REALLY itchy when I would eat them. I avoided them for a few years, and one day during my freshman year of college I got a smoothie in the dining hall. Not realizing it had naners in it, I took a huge sip, and immediately my throat got scratchy. Thus I confirmed my self diagnosis.

So lately I’ve been really craving a banana, so I tried a small piece a few times, and having absolutely no reaction, I lived on the edge today and went for a whole one:

TADA! No reaction! Amazing. Medical miracle? I think so.

I did make the green oats for the week (after watching JUNO on la television), but forgot to photograph it. Next time I swear.

Dinner was MEATY GOODNESS! A small piece of skirt steak (plus another piece half as big as this one…what can I say? I’m a carnivore.). Green beans and a delicious salad. All sorts of goodness in there including sprouts, red bell peppers, hot green and red peppers, avacado chunks, celery carrots, tomato, etc.

Sliced up an apple to start making dessert and it had SPROUTED! Why didn’t I take a picture of that?? I have no idea. But I’ll take a picture for sure when the little babes poke out of the soil in the tiny pot on the kitchen windowsill they now live in. Plus, this is a much more delicious pic:

I chopped up an apple and a few walnuts, sprayed them with Pam and coated them in cinnamon, baked at 400* for ohhh I don’t know 15 mins? Meanwhile, I mixed 1/4 c. 2% Fage with lots more cinnamon and a tsp. brown sugar. Threw the cinnamon apples and walnuts on top of the creamy brown sugar cinnamon yogurt. Heavenly. It’s amazing how much creamier the 2% fage is than the 0%. Have to remember that.

I also noshed on a few handfuls of blueberries while doing the dishes and making tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. Berry season!!!
Night bloggies.


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